View from Parkway Heights Middle School

Morning Announcements 8/14/23

Tomorrow is picture day - ALL Students and Staff must take a picture for your school ID.  PE classes will take the students to take pictures in Panther Hall.  Staff you may take your picture before school starts or during your prep.  Period 4 will not have students so that might be a good time to take pictures.  Free dress will be allowed for picture day.  

Students reminder:

PE clothes are NOT to be worn outside of PE class, you have many other options to wear, please do not wear your PE Sweatshirts, tshirts, sweats or shorts - even on free dress fridays.  

Today and tomorrow we will be handing out raffle tickets to students we happen to see who are meeting and exceeding Purpose, a positive Attitude, Working Together, and Safety.  We will hold the raffle for a choice of a small treat right before school ends and you may pick your treat on your way out of school in the hallway by the cafeteria from AP Young.  

Are you feeling hungry?  Did you eat breakfast this morning?  Well did you know we are serving a delicious breakfast every morning here at Parkway and it's FREE!!  We have all kinds of good breakfast items such as pancakes, cereal bars, cinnamon rolls and tomorrow we have a new item - Beef & cheese tamale.  Breakfast is served at 7:45 am until 8:25 am everyday and it's FREE.  

Speaking of Free …did you know you can get Free lunch everyday?  Today we are serving cheeseburger sliders with chips, or you can get a sunbutter sandwich and a variety of fruits and salad.