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Youth Service Bureau

Youth Service Bureau (YSB) counselors or school safety advocates (SSA) are available to address the needs of students through counseling groups, classes, and 1:1 check-ins.
The SSA program is funded by the school district and is designed to help students and their families address various social and emotional concerns that may arise in middle school.
This is accomplished by providing students with a safe place to discuss and process their concerns, through needs assessments and mediation, and by connecting students with appropriate resources both on and off campus.
Students are typically referred to a YSB counselor by teachers, guidance counselors, parents, assistant principals, friends, or the students themselves.
Contact our school counselors or call 650-877-8642 for more information about the following services.

On-Campus Counseling

Students often perform poorly in school as a result of stressful home lives, difficult peer relationships, or more serious mental health issues. School-based counseling provides support to these students in dealing with problems that don’t normally get addressed during the school day.
For most of the students we serve, this will be their only resource for counseling. By treating the underlying cause, students are able to refocus their attention on positive growth and success in school.

Communication and Life Skills Management

The communication and life skills management (CALM) group for girls and boys in middle and high school focuses on identifying anger provoking triggers, improving communication styles, and strengthening coping and anger management techniques. 
It provides a space for adolescents to talk about high-risk behaviors in a safe place and identify personal strengths to address real-life challenges.

Girls United 

A psycho-social group for middle and high school students that empower girls, develops strong peer support, and gives them a safe place to deal with such life pressures as drugs, alcohol, gang involvement, academics, relationships, social pressure, abuse, sexuality, depression, anxiety, bullying, or harassment. 
The group focuses on building girls’ self-esteem, improving communication skills, strengthening healthy decision making through exercising more responsible at school and home, and encouraging participation in leadership opportunities. The group also engages girls in discussions involving body image, values, pregnancy prevention, conflict resolution, and future goals.

First Stop

Substance abuse education and prevention and life skill groups for youth involved in drug and/or alcohol-related offenses, or who may be at risk for future use.